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Unlock the Magic of Ambient Modular Synthesis

Ambient music has the power to transport listeners to otherworldly realms and evoke deep emotions, [...]

Creative Applications of Contact Microphones in Sound Design and Music Production

Capturing Unique Sounds for Sound Design Contact microphones open up a world of unique and [...]

Building Your Own DIY Contact Microphone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Selecting the Right Piezo Transducer Before you start building your DIY contact microphone, you’ll need [...]

Introduction to Piezo Transducers: The Basics of Contact Microphones

Introduction to Piezo Transducers and Contact Mics Piezo transducers, also known as contact microphones, are [...]

Unleashing the Potential of Your DIY Parabolic Microphone: Creative and Practical Applications

Introduction to Parabolic Microphone Applications In the previous blog posts of this series, we’ve covered [...]

Building Your Own Parabolic Microphone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction to DIY Parabolic Microphone Construction In the first blog post of this series, we [...]

An Introduction to DIY Parabolic Microphones: Understanding the Basics

Introduction to Parabolic Microphones Parabolic microphones are highly directional audio recording devices that offer excellent [...]

Advanced Audio Hacking: Circuit Bending and Beyond

Introduction to Advanced Audio Hacking So far, we’ve explored the basics of audio hacking and [...]

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